Friday, 4 October 2013

Secret Societies And All That.

       Members of "secret societies"  and other such organisations, passing judgement and creating legislation as independent unbiased individuals, can hardly be called "democracy". In fact it stinks, and our political and judiciary system allows this cultism, cronyism and old boys' network to fester silently in the corridors of power. In any fair society, you declare your interests openly for all to see, democracy can't live in a land of "nods and winks", and "nudge-nudge" and  "say-no-more". However that is where we live at the moment.

Petitioner: Tom Minogue


Closing Date for Online Petition: 29 October 2013
       Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to amend the law or codes of practice to make it compulsory for decision makers such as sheriffs, judges, and juries at their courts, arbiters, and all panel members of tribunals that are convened and held in Scotland and  governed by devolved legislation, custom and practice, to declare if they have ever been members of organisations, such as the Masons, that demand fraternal preference to their brethren over non-brethren, or organisations which have constitutions or aims that are biased against any particular sect, religion or race.
          That a register of such membership is held by the various bodies that supervise such judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals and that access to these registers is given on demand to the defendant, litigant, or plaintiff wishing to exercise their rights to a fair hearing in accordance with Article 6 of the ECHR. 
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