Sunday, 24 July 2016

Merchat City Fringe, Glasgow.

        Anti-establishment, anti-corporate, anti-mainstream, pro-people, pro-community, pro-a-good-time, without the frills and the prices, well mark your diaries, Glasgow's High Street is the place to go, come the beginning of August. Never mind the high prices, cocktails, "trendy" Merchant City Festival, head for the fringe. 
4 – 7 August, 2016
High Street, Glasgow
        The Blue Chair & McChuills present, in association with Fail Better and STFU, The Merchant City Fringe -a gloriously noisy celebration of creativity and everything underground and awesome in Glasgow.
          The MERCHANT CITY FRINGE is a celebration of places deemed 'too far away' to be considered for the Merchant City Festival (even though we are talking a few yards away). Conspiracy theorists are claiming it's because High Street ain't hip enough and their beer is not dear enough so this year the Merchant City Fringe is BORN and piggybacking off the main festivals success with a host of events across THE BLUE CHAIR and MCCHUILLS...
       2 venues, 3 days, 1 parastic festival attaching itself to a corporate behomoth in the spirit of community and art and music and poetry and having a good craic.
       alt-folk! punk-punk! post-punk! hip-hop! spoken word! Chill-out DJs! Lip Sync battles! market stalls! Clowning! A poetry workshop for children! And loads of other tasty treats!
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