Sunday, 24 July 2016

Worries About Academics.

          I have always been a bit wary of academics, I feel a lot of them could put all that research and studying to better use. I'm afraid young Ben Palmer has just reinforced that feeling. It appears that universities are just there for the furtherance of corporate profits and assisting the state. Yes, I know, there is a spin-off, that benefits society, a mere by product.

        Smart riot shields that appear see-through one-way could allow police to hide their numbers during potentially violent clashes. The design – by Nottingham Trent University undergraduate Ben Palmer - may help diffuse or prevent disorders, as protestors would have little or no knowledge of who they face.
       The 21-year-old – who's studying BA Product Design - interviewed rioters and police to help shape his product. "Riot police have a difficult job to do, and can regularly face very intense situations", said Ben, who's studying at the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment. "So I wanted to use my degree to explore how smart technology could be used to enhance the tools they have at their disposal. "By interviewing rioters, it became very clear that police could gain a psychological advantage if their shields incorporated one-way privacy. "Not only would it allow police to mask their numbers, but rioters wouldn't know who or what they were facing."
         Ben's designs recently went on show for Nottingham Trent University's 2016 Art & Design Degree Show. The show was one of the largest collections of graduating art and design talent in the UK, with more than 1,300 works on public display.

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  1. This guy, Ben Palmer, certainly will succeed. Another thing would have been if he had invented a device to protect the demonstrators. The state and its resources are intended to protect the ruling class, not the people subjected to it. As a classical Spanish poet said: Even wisdom is sold in college!