Thursday, 28 July 2016

Remove All Traces Of Racist Scum From Our Streets.

         Since the "Brexit" vote we have seen an increase in racist posters and stickers appear in our towns and cities. It's good to see that the good people of Edinburgh and Leith are organising to do something about this. We should never allow the racist scum the publicity they crave, their stickers and posters should be removed as quickly as they appear. Perhaps other towns, cities, villages  and communities will follow the example of Edinburgh and Leith. More steam to their elbow.

Meeting 2pm Pilrig Park and marching to Leith Links, ”We love Leith. But we hate any kind of discrimination. It's diversity that makes Leith so colourful and special. We have to make sure it stays that way. This time we need to clean the streets of hate-filled messages, not litter. Just a few days after the #Brexit vote, some neo-nazi stickers have appeared around Leith. We need to nip this in the bud now. Our idea is to have a United Colours Of Leith demonstration to show the people who put up those stickers that we won't put up with them. We'd like you to join us and invite all your friends and family too.”
      ACE and its associated groups totally support this march and we hope to see you there!
7.30pm Thursday 4 August at ACE, 17 W Montgomery Place EH7 5HA
All welcome
       More volunteers needed to support ACE, please come along if you can (meetings are the first thursday of each month)

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