Wednesday, 26 July 2017

In Defence Of Hambach Forest.

        The corporate bodies that rape and plunder our planet are, if nothing else, persistent, they are unrelenting in their drive for ever greater profit. They set their plans in motion to desecrate an ancient forest to further their profits, the public protest and set up resistance, five years on the corporate juggernaut is creeping ever closer to those fighting to save the forest. All this is done with the backing of the state, an institution whose prime purpose is to keep the lid on the civil population, should they attempt to protect their country's forests, mountains, rivers and ecosystems from the devouring corporate monster. The state is the corporate plunders minders, stemming the flow of resistance, to allow the unbridled greed of their corporate masters to go unhindered in its rape and plunder of the planet. The state and capitalism will never allow rationalism, freedom and sustainability to enter the debate, perpetual growth is the only game in town, to the detriment of all that is natural and necessary for our survival. Just as the corporate juggernaut is relentless and persistent, so is the resistance of the people, and those who put their time, energy and lives on the line to protect our natural environment, deserve all the support and solidarity we can muster.
 Call for defending the occupation of the Hambach Forest
       The Hambach Forest has been occupied for five years. For five years people have been building and defending tree houses in order to protect the trees they are living on. For five years diggers, cops, and secus have kept coming closer. Officially, the forest is owned by RWE, a multinational energy company that does not only want to kill the thousands-of-years-old forest, destroy habitats, dispossess and displace residents from the surrounding villages to generate power. With it’s production of lignite in the Rhineland along it is responsible for 30% of Germany’s CO2 emissions. A company that does not shy away from exploiting the entire world in order to maximise its profits. It is a company that significantly contributes to generating situations forcing people to leave their countries of origin. Because the people who first have to deal with the consequences of global warming are not those profiting from coal, but people from the global South. This makes our struggle part of the struggle against imperialism, against oppression and racism. What happens here does not happen by accident. It is a symbol of the capitalist system. And we are working on means of attacking it.       For five years we have not only been attacking RWE, but a system of hierarchy and exploitation that facilitates the company’s mania for profit. It is very clear for us that the fight for climate justice is intimately linked with the struggle for a world without hierarchies, a world far away from capitalistic coercion where major companies do not yield any power over human beings and nature! It is intimately linked to a world where everyone has the right and courage to defend their opinions and principles without being silenced by repressions from the state and system! The fact that the occupation is still alive after five years is proof for the fact that it is possible to resist, that it is possible to dedicate your life to your own maxims and that we will succeed in turning theory into praxis. Only by organising collectively and through courage were we able to fight for this freedom and free space and to maintain it. Despite repressions, despite many of us having been beat up, abused and imprisoned, we are here and will stay here!
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