Thursday, 27 July 2017

You Are Many, They Are Few.

       Sometimes a phrase or paragraph says so much you feel you don't have to read the rest of the article, though I don't recommend that as a general rule. I sometimes go to the site Gods and Radicals, there I can find interesting reading and and at times, words of wisdom.
       Reading an excerpt from Dr. Bones’ new book, Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World. on the Gods and Radical site, the article was headed by this paragraph:
       “So the patient advocates of ‘free states,’ ‘free speech,’ ‘free assemblage,’ what are they but deluded children in the vicinity of forces they do not comprehend? If they want to assemble and speak without let or hindrance, let them increase their own power, their strength of arm until they can speak and meet as they will. But to ask for free speech and free meeting, what is it but an acknowledgement of tutelage, inferiority…There is only one thing the down-trodden with retained dignity can do, and that is to Get Up.
Dora Marsden, The Freewoman, Volume 1 Number 1, June 15th 1913
       It doesn't take much brain power to see the truth in this statement, but how many will act upon its wisdom?
      Dr Bones' book Curse Your Boss--- is available, in print or digital form HERE:
        Staying with Gods and Radicals, another extract form an article, Margaret Killjoy’s Fantastic Aesthetic Anarcho-Fun Heresy, contained another kernel of wisdom. 
          What she saw about an aesthetic built on fantasy and an alternative vision born of the industrial age is what every really good fantasist, but also every good theorist and mystic, sees: the world not only could have been different, it still can be. And not only can it be, but the certain sorts of people who give way too much time thinking about how it still can be different are the ones who have the potential to make it different.
       Again, it is by not believing you can change the world, or giving up on trying to change the world, that we perpetuate the present system of capitalist greed and destruction.
      So let's join hands with the poets, the dreamers, the lovers and the visionaries, and  shape this world to our imagination. Just remember what the poet said, "you are many, they are few".
     Video of Ursula K. Le Guin and Margaret Killjoy - Mythmakers & Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers On Fiction

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