Friday, 14 July 2017

"That Better World".

          Within all the hearts of the ordinary people lies a blueprint of “that better world”, however, to most, the system under which we live is so entrenched, change seems impossible, and will always be met with strong repression, so the struggle for that “better world” is not for the faint-hearted. The state system has a long proven history of domination, repression, exploitation, manipulation and a ruthless ability to enforce its pattern on all aspects of our lives. Its pillars of dominance are cemented with the blood of ordinary people, its institutions are backed up by force via its militarised police, its biased judicial system and its chain of prisons. These departments of enforcement are always on hand to stifle the rise of any dissenting voices. The more successful your collective action for change, the more the institutions of state will be brought to bear on your venture. 
       Today we see the far-right movements raising their vicious heads above the parapet, emboldened by that babbling brook of bullshit, the corporate media, and nationalist, fear-mongering state propaganda. To a degree we can take some encouragement from this, as this can at times be taken as a sign that institution of the state is feeling threatened. Why should the state feel threatened? Simply because across the globe people are challenging its structures, people are organising against the continuous exploitation and endless wars, people are building solidarity across borders, developing strategies to counter the power of the state, coming together to control their own lives. However, there is a long and fierce battle ahead for that better world, there will be set-backs, there will be tears, but solidarity and perseverance will bring victory. We have to accept that the state and its master, corporate capitalism, will not “go quietly into that dark night”. History tells us, that the state will sacrifice the lives of millions to protect the privileges of the few. That is the battle we face.
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