Friday, 5 October 2018

Colourful Police In Brutal Attack.

       Protestors always come up with imaginative ways in getting their point across, in a wonderful array of colourful variations. Of course the police can only respond in one predictable manner, brutal violence. No matter where the police meet protestors, from Nepal to New York, Kazakhstan to Catalonia, the pattern is the same brute force, the shape of modern democrcy.
This from Roar Magazine, thanks Loam for the link:
     Pro-independence protestors and antifa activists clashed with Catalan police at a rally to oppose a manifestation organized by JUSTAPOL (Spanish National Police and Guardia Civil Union) in support of the operation against last year’s referendum on Catalonian independence.

And more on how democracy works in Europe:

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  1. In Europe and beyond, we do not want a world of Nations; we want a world of Peoples. We will continue fighting for it.