Thursday, 11 October 2018

Show and Tell; Conscientious Objectors.

       Spirit of Revolt in conjunction with The Mitchell Library will be holding another of its Show and Tell outreach events, on Monday, November 5th. 12:00-2:00pm. in the Blythswood room on the 5th. floor of the Mitchell. These events by Spirit of Revolt are to encourage an interest in our local history, and help to bring what the Spirit of Revolt Archive holds, to the wider public, so far they have proved to be very popular, so do come early.
       This particular Show and Tell is on the subject of Conscientious Objectors, the details below:
      Conscientious objectors stood up for their beliefs and refused to be conscripted into wars they considered to be the outcome of pointless imperialist rivalries. We will be discussing the experiences of COs during World War I and World War II, while examining the repressive
measures taken by the government to silence them.
       The session will be lead by Eric Chester and we will look at some of the documents from conscientious objectors found in the Spirit of Revolt archives including those of Allan Burnett, Glasgow born CO in WWII.
      The event takes place on Monday 5th. November, 12:00-2:00pm. in the Blythswood Room on the 5th Floor of the Mitchell Library

Feel free to bring your lunch.
Excerpt leaflet:

      Our young comrade Allan Burnett, who is just eighteen years of age, appeared in Glasgow Sheriff court, in answer to a charge of not submitting himself to medical examination. On being asked if he had anything to say before sentence was passed, Burnett said, "By allmeans," and proceeded as follows:
     'To-day I stand here as an Anarchist in the conscious realisation of the worth of my individuality, I stand as one devoid of care or fear of gods, kings or masters-"

Sheriff: "What, no fear of God?"

Burnett: "None whatever. I refuse to be pitchforked or led into slaughter, like so much human manure, or to be duped into the lunatic butchery of my comrades and fellow workers of other geographical spheres who are like-wise enslaved in a system of organised misery imposed upon them by their respective ruling classes. My enemy is therefore government of-"

Sheriff: "I suppose God will also be your enemy?"

Burnett: "I will mention my enemy. My enemy is government of any shape or form since it functions solely as an instrument of the ruling-classes' oppression. This then is my attitude, and my contribution to workers' international solidarity, In conclusion, in all sobriety I say only this — to hell with governments."
     With his going we shall miss for the time being an active comrade, and with Frank Leech going inside soon too, and Eddie Shaw's case coming up this month, the movement will be needing all the support it can get in Glasgow. Who will come forward to take their places?

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