Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Couriers United.

       The gig economy, due to its individual workers situation, is very difficult to organise, so they suffer at the hands of their bosses, with lousy conditions and poor pay. However, as usual workers can show imagination and solidarity in overcoming these difficulties by coming together. The couriers have come together and organised themselves via the IWW and are now in a position to challenge some of the injustices that plague their employment conditions. Though they are organised and taking a stand, they still need the support and solidarity of everybody that suffers under the yoke of this unjust capitalist system. Show your support by getting involved.
        As you’ve probably heard, this Thursday, 4th October, gig economy food couriers in the IWW Couriers Network will be striking across the UK (in over 7 different cities) for £5.00 an hour per delivery. We’ve chosen to strike on the 4th because it’s the same day that workers in the food industry are striking across the UK, in McDonalds, Wetherspoons and TGIFridays. Couriers in the Glasgow network have officially voted to join the strike.  
       I’m reliably informed by a fellow IWW member that this is the first nationwide strike action called by the UK IWW, ever, so this action is BIG.
         As this is so historic, and we’re a fighting union, we’re pleading with branch members to get involved with this strike as much as they possibly can. If you’ve never come to an IWW event before, this strike is going to be the perfect time to make your debut. We need a turnout at pre-strike organising sessions and on the strike itself like we’ve never seen before to make this a success! Here’s how you can get involved: 
        1. Come to the pre-strike leafleting session on Wednesday 3rd October,  meeting outside McDonalds Argyle Street/Jamaica Street crossroads, 5:15pm.
          We’ll be leafleting key restaurants and telling workers about the strike. No experience, skill or materials needed at all! See the ‘Talking Points’ section at the bottom of this email for advice about what we’ll be saying and some info about working for UberEats/ the context of the strike.
        2. Come to the strike itself! There will be two demos, 12pm and 6pm in George Square
         This is the most important one. We need as many members at these two demos as possible. After assembling in the square, we’ll be picketing key restaurants. Bring your bikes if you want to be involved in a flying picket!
        3. Share the word on social media
         On the run up to, and on the day itself, we need you to be posting on all your social media channels about the strike, using the hashtag #FFS410 [FFS410 stands for Fast Food Strike 4th October, if you were wondering!]
       Thanks for your support, FWs! If you have any questions, feel free to email me! See you on Wednesday/on the picket line!

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