Thursday, 28 November 2019

A Dehumanised Human, The Migrant.

       Migrants don't get the cover from our media that the used to get, does this mean all is quiet? Have people stopped fleeing poverty, destruction, death, persecution and started to accept their lot midst the storm of deprivation that surrounds them? No, it just means that they are no longer a item to be used to create a sensational article, so the media turns the focus elsewhere.
       When ever they do get coverage in the media, it is never the face of ordinary people. We are sometimes shown "camps", "detention centres", filthy living conditions, remember the "jungle". It was "dispersed", that doesn't mean they are all settled and contributing to the community. Most are probably in detention centres or sleeping rough. They are displayed as shadowy figures scurrying about in the dark, trying to get a free ride on a truck, or breaking through fences. No attempt is ever made to show them as ordinary people like you and I. Remember Bulligdon Club Boy Cameron, referring to them as a "swarm"? They are seen as an inconvenience to our business, they cause delays to our travel. Never are they ordinary people fleeing the cauldron of chaos and savagery spawned by the foreign policy of Western imperialism in their home region. Heaven forbid that we should see them as desperate human beings in need of help.
        How do people become "migrants". Migrants are never people giving up a decent life to face a long and hazardous journey that often ends in death, just for the hell of it. But as long as we have imperialist power blocks building borders to proclaim "their" territory, and battling to expand their power, we will have people fleeing in desperation. State borders and power blocks are an anathema to freedom and justice, a hindrance to a civilised world, a blight on the face of humanity. States, borders and power blocks have to be destroyed before we can call ourselves a civilised species. 
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