Monday, 18 November 2019

Why Do We Tolerate Them.

        It would appear that the representatives of the predatory class are having a get together in Madrid this December 2nd-13th.. There they will wine and dine on the best that you and I can provide, after all it is us that produce everything and pay for their hospitality, How ironic considering that they are the creators of our poverty and deprivation. They will be meeting up to discuss how best to guarantee their privileged positions, their power and their wealth. These are the people who come with the blood of ordinary people on their hands, they plan and execute wars, killing and maiming millions, they are responsible for the destruction of infrastructure in country after country, they plunder the resources of the planet for their own power and wealth.
    However their biggest crime is probably that fact that they are responsible for the destruction of the planet, and show no serious signs of trying to do anything to halt that destruction.
    This event in Madrid will be the gathering of the enemy of the people, the friends of  the corporate juggernaut, the representatives of the gross inhumanity that burdens our world, and we are expected to applaud them. No doubt the media will paint them as wonderful planners of our future, planners of a better world, but it will be a better world for that little band of predatory parasites. Why do we tolerate them, wine and dine them?
       December 2nd, the rulers of the world are coming to Madrid. Some of the biggest murderers of this planet, of the biggest responsible of its devastation. They come to fill their mouths and calendars with the next plans of “fight against climate change”. While global capitalism continues intact and most of the CO2 emissions emanate from industrial production, while their companies keep devastating forests and mountains to extract its natural resources.
      And if that wasn’t enough, at the same time, Chile burns and their streets are still covered by the ammunition caps from the security forces. But Piñera couldn’t see his political planning disturbed by the revolt, he couldn’t admit the mediatic focus questioning his dictation before such a social explosion. And thanks to the kindness of Spanish government, now he will be able to continue with his plans without getting disheveled.
      But in Chile, normality couldn’t be held anymore, and we neither want to hold it here. We won’t allow the world leaders meet to design the destruction under the look of sustainability and respect, as if everything continues to go normally. As if they haven’t been destroying all this time, as if they wouldn’t carry thousands of corpses in their backs. We won’t give them such legitimacy. Also, because we know, that the best way to show solidarity with the rebels is nothing but extend the revolt. Like in Hamburg, we want this summit to become hell.
     Therefore, we encourage the system enemies to meet in Madrid, in the dates when the world owners have their appointment in this city. Stay aware to the next calls and infos. There will be enabled spaces to host those coming from other places.
     On the other hand, neither do we trust that politics gestated in parliaments and offices will stop the destruction or stop the way to the collapse, that is increasingly inevitable. But we trust in the ability of every one to act, individually or in groups. That’s why we want to make a call for decentralized action to point the responsible of environmental destruction. Politicians won’t act against the Capitalism interests, but we do. Against climate change; direct action.
Attack those who destroy the Earth.
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