Tuesday, 12 November 2019

The Past Can Point To The Future.

       Our event last night the film/discussion at the CCA marking the anniversary of the Glasgow/Clydeside 1915 rent strike was a success. Well attended, only a few empty seats, the entertainment was excellent, thanks to Pauline and Shaun, the film was interesting, and varied thanks to Bob, likewise the discussion brought up interesting points and lasted quite a while, we over ran our scheduled time, so a big thanks to all who took party.  The only hope is that those who attended went away with some fresh ideas and a renewed vigour in their desire to affect change. 
     It is only by coming together and discussing these issues of the past and how they can help us with the struggles we face today that we can hope to bring about that change to society that we all want. fairness, justice and equality.


   Our next event marking this remarkable working class victory will be a "Walk of Pride" November the 17th., the date on which the massive demonstration out side the Glasgow Sheriff Court forced the government to introduce the rent restriction act, freezing all rents until the end of the war.
Date, November 17th.
Time, 1pm.
Assemble, Buchanan Street steps.
Route, to Goma, old sheriff court, George Square,
Participants, Strong Women of Clydeside, reading from contemporary newspaper women activists words.
Open mic, for reading aloud and sharing thoughts songs and poems.
Actions, coloured chalking of pavements.
     Come and participate and enjoy  the memory of this magnificent victory for the ordinary people, and bring that united solidarity and determined activism back to the struggles we face today. 
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