Sunday, 2 February 2020

Our Streets.

      While the propaganda machine of the Western capitalist system tries to portray a picture of a system working just fine, with everybody diligently enjoying the possibility of getting richer or perhaps becoming a celebrity, beneath this smoke and mirrors and facade of illusions, the people are on the streets in vast numbers trying to break the hold this system has over our lives.
      From Chile to France, from Ecuador to Lebanon, from Iraq to Sudan, the system is under attack by the ordinary people, calling, enough is enough. This is the time the various states unleash their guard dogs, those vicious psychopaths in police and military style uniforms, to beat, terrorise and intimidate the population, to get them back in line and subserviently accept their exploitation. However, it is getting harder and harder as the people gain in solidarity and lose their fear of the system's various control features.

      This from Catalonia, just another area where people are struggling for real change.

         The film is showing in London on the 6th. February, and Edinburgh on the 26th. February. Let's try to bring this film to Glasgow.
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