Saturday, 8 February 2020

Punk Fund Raiser.

        In London to day and at a loose end, well why not go for a punk, rap, grind music night? Not my thing but to each their own.
 South london,uk: Athenian S.W.A.G. TAKEOVER 8TH OF FEBRUARY 2020
        Suggested donation £5, no one turned away for lack of funds !
Cheap bar as well !
     All profits to be donated to A Place of Our Own: the North London punk venue project and SES – Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs


Teknokrater (Athens, Greece)
Athen’s finest noisegrind quartet ready to burst your eardrums

Vile Species (Athens, Greece)
Pioneers of the underground athenian swag scene. Best enjoyed while throwing empty cans at them

Frikeerne (Athens, Greece)
Legendary punk band from greece and eurovision finalists

Migraines (WCBH)
101% DIY hardcore skaterboys. Phlegm connoisseurs and avid golfers.

MethxCamp (Bristol)
Its fast, its loud, its RAGGO. crème de la crème of uk powerviolence (West Country Brotherhood über alles)

Binge Drinker (London)
Fast grindy punk metal crust n roll pissartists

Sunderer (South England)
Sick blackened doom/crust 2-piece band from the South of England.

Skullfucked (London)
Skater greebos making death metal influenced by forest fires, heavy narcotics and Napalm Death

Doomsday Clock (London)
Local fastcore/powerviolence bois. Might sound like shit but at least its fast

Νυξ Kollektiv (Cyprus)
Chaotic experimental rap from cyprus. Dont miss em !!


Milo Mang


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