Sunday, 9 February 2020

Fabricated Cities Of Illusion.

       Most cities in the western world are being shaped the same way, designed to be tourist centres, places cleansed of locals, who are excluded and/or marigalised, keeping the city safe for the foreign big money spenders. Cities unsullied by the ordinary working people and the poor, the only poor the tourists are allowed to see are in uniforms serving coffees, meals, drinks and seeing to the needs of money spending tourists in hotels. This unnatural city design will be preserved by heavy handed policing, as nothing must interrupt the flow of money to the financial and corporate powers.

     So the following article, though from Berlin, may sound rather familiar, and shows the extent to which the powers that be will go to preserve their illusion of a happy-happy-exciting but safe city for the big spenders.
        On Friday 24.01 around 4.00 a.m, the cops of the police station 51 (Wedekindwache), raided the flat of Maria P. on Grünberger Straße 46, after her flatmate’s phone call, and shot her dead. Police reports and its careful reproduction through mass media profile Maria as a mentally ill person attacking the cops with a knife. At the same time the state, police and the mass media are targeting persons with mental health issues, suggesting that this ‘diagnosis’ is enough for their potential execution.
      The day after the murder, people gathered in solidarity and started a spontaneous demo in Maria’s neighbourhood. This demo was attacked by the cops, completing in this way the image of zero tolerance while actively defending the provocative statements of the police union (GdP) and the public prosecutor’s office which said that they are currently assuming that their colleagues have behaved correctly.
       Berlin is a city based on the alternative tourism industry and a facade of diversity tolerance, promoting a progressive city image, which offers as products, ideas such as antiracism, antisexism and veganism/vegetarianism without hesitating to rely on the ‘friendly’ police forces (da für dich) to ensure citizen’s peace and security when needed.
      Repression and the “product” Berlin is selling go hand in hand, as in order to make notions like “alternativism” and “diversity” more marketable,the dominant system must de-politicize and deprive them from their “dangerous” elements. Berlin is actually a European metropolis where police violence is daily omnipresent. From the brutal assassinations, arrests, beatings, surveillance cameras and helicopters to the provoking and terrorizing “robocops” during demos. All these things are building up a police controlled city mosaic that leaves no space for any kind of resistance.
       This goes hand in hand with the legislation creating a profile of a sheriff-cop providing them with full freedom and initiative to act without any legal consequences. At the same time, everyone that reacts to arrests, imprisonments and fines is extremely repressed. The state and the police as the genuine dominion are patrolling the city by repressing whatever they define as dangerous against them in the pretext of security and order. This situation is also supported by the left parties, whose only suggestion against police arbitrariness is the use of tasers instead of guns, this way indicating their consent for state repression. The mass media are demonizing once again the victim and treating the murderers as heroes in order to steer social reactions.
       Even if we have no illusions about the state, the cops , reporters and politicians, the society’s indifference to this cold-blooded murder only reveals the real face of this city, completing the puzzle of conservatism, of personal interest and social cannibalism.
It’s crucial now more than ever to resist and react against police terrorism. The rallying of any radical part of society is essential, which through unmediated and anti-hierarchical struggles – from open assemblies to all types of interventions in the city- won’t let those incidents unanswered.
      For a society of equality and freedom, without dominants and oppressed, exploiters and exploited, we fight collectively for the destruction of state and capitalism.
The state arms, the cops murder
Damit wir uns nicht an den Tod gewöhnen
Open call to everyone for the demo against Bullenkongress
31.01 | 20:00 Uhr | Wismarplatz | Berlin-Friedrichshain |
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