Sunday, 10 January 2021

Asset Strippers.

         Glasgow City council, like most city councils I suppose, has been merrily selling off public land to private developers. What this means is that the council, supposed caretakers of the citizens publicly owned assets, are in fact disposing of them to groups who will make a fortune from those asset. As this continues, we will reach a stage where there will be no public owned assets, other than those that can't make a profit. We the citizens will be lumber with costs but nothing of value, we will live in a privately owned city, where every step will cost you money. We have a housing crisis, we have homeless families and others living in inadequate housing while others are forced to live in ever increasing rented accommodation, stuffing the private landlord's coffers. We need all that publicly owned land, it is ours, we need it for social housing giving the citizens decent affordable accommodation. Private land developers are not philanthropists, you could call them asset strippers, they are out to make a fortune at our expense. Why let the council assist them in their plundering of the public purse.

Meeting Info:

         Living Rent have been battling to stop this site in Marhill which was once the site of council houses to stop its sale to private housing. We need our land to build council houses, not sold to rip-off landlords. We need reasonable rent council houses if not for our selves, for our young folk who have little enough to look forward to without just working to pay the rent. Wages going down rent going up! Time to stop the give away! It would be zero cost to the council to postpone the sale and listen to us.

Townhall Meeting For Maryhill

Invited speakers:
Bob Doris MSP, Cllr John Letford, Patrick Harvie MSP and candidate Keiran O'Neill are all confirmed as coming. Now is the time to make the community's view heard. Are you coming?
The Council spoke to just 69 people over 13 years to come up with their sell off plans for bought housing. Now is the time to show the community's real view and decide the site's future. Try to be there. 6:30pm, Tues 12th, meeting link at

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