Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Union Rights.

         Teachers in this country and some others can hold Zoom meetings and their union can criticise the government, mind you that doesn't do that much good. However, the situation in some other countries is much different. In Jordan at the moment teachers are having a hard time from the state, facing prison on a mass scale. At this moment they need our support and solidarity.
The following from Labour Start: 
        On 25 July last year, leaders of the Jordanian teachers union were jailed. The Education International, uniting teachers from all over the world, launched a global protest including an online campaign on LabourStart. On 23 August, the teachers' leaders were freed from jail -- because Jordanian law allowed them to be held for just 30 days.
      Four months later, things have gotten much worse. on 31 December, the Amman Magistrate's Court authorised the dissolution of the teachers union, and the detention of all 13 union board members for a year.
      The detained union leaders have been released on bail while the union appeals the judicial decision.
       As we did last summer, we need to flood the Jordanian government with demands that the harassment of the teachers must stop now.
      As the campaign states: "Workers should be allowed to enjoy freedom of association and their right to collective bargaining as guaranteed by the national constitution as well as international treaties to which Jordan is a party."

Please take a moment to show your support for the Jordanian teachers - click here.

          And please share this message with your friends, family and fellow union members.

Thank you! Eric Lee.
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