Sunday, 10 January 2021

UK inhumanity.

         The mainstream media quite often carry stories and photos of "illegal" migrants being picked up on the beach on this side of the Channel. They tend to leave the story there, they have done their bit, created the illusion of an "invasion" of "illegal" foreigners coming here to use our wonderful benefits system and destroy our very special way of life. The rest of the story is of little interest to them. The fact that these people have, in desperation, taken on a horrendous and dangerous journey, half way across the world, fleeing unimaginable violence, deprivation, persecution, death and destruction. All of these conditions mainly due to the foreign policy of the Western powers, that they run to for help, is not news worth to them.
         So they get picked, what next? They get a welcome and help? Well no, they get locked away from any social connection in detention centres, (prisons for desperate foreigners), they are trapped in a system of policing, devoid of any rights, caged. For how long, well nobody knows, weeks, months and in some cases even years. This being a truly capitalist country, all of this has to make a profit for some corporation, it has to stuff some CEO's bank account with tax payers money. So the UK's detention centres (prisons for desperate foreigners) are mostly run by private companies, human storage and cargo at a profit. As long as the corporate world can make money from this inhumanity, it will persist, it is a capitalist system, not a humanity based system.

The UK holds many accolades, not many of them for worthy causes.

         The UK has the largest Immigration Detention estate in Europe. UK policy results in asylum seekers facing detention at any time, even if they have committed no crime whatsoever. Detention has no time limit and is not automatically subject to Judicial Review. Many endure months and some endure years of indefinite detention.
          There are no safeguards in place to prevent the detention of vulnerable persons, including those who have faced imprisonment, torture and /or sexual violence in the countries from which they have fled. This harmful and expensive practice is unnecessary and deprives people of their freedom, their dignity and is damaging to their mental health.
         Detention Action Frequently Asked Questions about Detention and reports including Detained Lives. They also have a freephone number 0800 587 2096 for advice. 
         Conditions in these prisons for innocent foreigners, are far from decent, and far short of how any civilised society should treat desperate people in need of help. 
        Some detainees are being held for too long and in insect-ridden rooms at Europe’s largest immigration centre in west London, inspectors say. Conditions at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre were “desolate”, with bare rooms, broken equipment, bed bugs and cockroaches, the report by Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke said. Some detainees were held for over a year, with one man held for five years.

      The outbreak has led to renewed calls for all detainees to be immediately released. “The outbreak of COVID-19 at #BrookHouse detention centre was completely predictable - and utterly preventable. Nobody should be detained for immigration purposes during a global pandemic,” tweeted Freedom From Torture. Celia Clark, the director of Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID), similarly argued: “The government should now recognise that the use of detention and deportation in the current climate helps to spread coronavirus and puts lives at risk.
        Another of the UK's accolades is, we have the largest detention centre, (prison for desperate foreigners) in Europe. 
        Harmondsworth IRC currently has a capacity of 676, which makes it the largest detention centre in Europe. It holds only men and the security in several of the wings is comparable to a Category B (high security) prison. Harmondsworth is run by private security company Mitie, under contract to the UK Border Agency.
        The last inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons was released in March 2018. The report found that there were considerable and persistent failings in the safety and respect afforded to detainees.
       In matters of detention, control, surveillance and policing, the UK punches well above its weight. 

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