Sunday, 16 January 2022

KTB Anger.


            In the UK, January 15th. 2022 was marked by protests across the country as people in towns and cities took to the streets to voice their anger. Righteous anger at a Boris Johnson sidekick Priti Patel, would be fascist, with a burning desire and plans to lead a totalitarian government. Her crime and punishment bill, is the biggest step the UK is preparing to take into that world of total control over the population. Protesting will be virtually impossible under this new legislation. any noisy gathering, any inconvenience to commerce, any annoyance perceived by someone, could see you arrested No matter how they dress this legislation up, its intentions are to stop protests to get you off the streets and to silently and submissively accept what the powers that be throw at you. Protest is not a crime, nor a privilege to be granted by our lords and masters, protest is our democratic right and we must defend this, or see it taken from us. It is easier to fight to hold what you have, than to try to fight to get back what has been taken from you. Make no mistake, this bill takes the few shreds of democracy we have, trashes them for as long as the legislation stands. 

Some photos from Glasgow's George Square,15th. Jan. 2022.

Central London



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