Sunday, 23 January 2022

The Green.

Glasgow People's Palace and Winter Gardens before Council's re-imagining.

People's Palace Winter Gardens after Council re-imagining plans emerged.

         There has been a treasure on Glasgow Green for 124 years, it's called "the Peoples Palace and Winter Gardens. At the time of opening, one, Lord Rosebery, dedicated it to the people of Glasgow, for ever and ever. 124 years on and the Glasgow City Council have other ideas. Having let it fall into a state of disrepair, they pillaged its contents and shredded the wonderful winter garden's plants, leaving it a shell deteriorating before our eyes. They floated ideas such as re-imagining its use, which usually means turning it into a venue from which corporate bodies can make lots of money, and we the public would have to pay to use it for the purpose it was never intended.
          However, the good people of Glasgow see this as pillage and plunder of their assets, and are carrying on a campaign to have it restored and returned to its former use, a place displaying the history of the people of Glasgow and the Winter Gardens a place of pleasure for all, free of charge, as it was intended and dedicated to all those 124 years ago. Let's get behind this campaign and bring the Glasgow Council to their senses, making them realise, they are there to protect and mange our public assets, not to dispose of them, and we the public pay their wages and expenses, and very generously at that.
       On Saturday, 22nd. January, the Friends of People's Palace, Winter Gardens and Glasgow Green, held a protest, one of many, outside the Winter Gardens. We need to swell the numbers taking part in this worthwhile campaign. It is a fight for that which is ours, it's our People's Palace and Winter Gardens, we want it back to what it was, no re-imagining.

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Some photos from Saturday's protest.

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