Wednesday, 26 January 2022

No War.

          According to the various indexes, the world economy is not doing to well. Most reports are downgrading the economic growth of most countries from previous expectations. This doesn't please the big boys in the financial Mafia, and it seems obvious that they will reach for the big money option, the war button. Press that and you force governments to spend billions in the arms industry feeding into all those in the supply chain of the war machines across the globe. Corporations start to reap the benefits in profit and we the people pay for it in national debt and blood. No matter the desire from the financial Mafia, (IMF, World Bank, ECB, and the World Economic Forum,) we must pull together to demand that there is no war with Russia or any other large economic power block. all sold under the false flag of protecting democracy and freedom. The only freedom that the financial Mafia are interested in is their freedom to make as much profit as possible, no matter the consequences to the public at large.
         We can not stand idle by while they plot to get workers from one patch of the planet to kill workers from another part, under some phoney illusion that is all for our benefit and is a just and lawful war. When in fact it is all to do with economic growth, profit and power-bases, while filling the coffers of that small band of parasites that shape the world in which we live. Modern warfare stretches it vile fangs across cities and towns and their civilian population and does not confine itself to the so called battlefield. Our demands for "No War" must be loud, robust, persistent, on the streets and obvious, tied together with solidarity across all borders. Your sons and daughters blood may be that which is shed to jump start the world's economic growth. Don't sacrifice our youth for profit to the financial Mafia.

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