Thursday, 13 May 2010


        Comment on that “coalition” government from the pillar of the Tory party the Telegraph which states in its leading article;
         “They [Cameron/Clegg] may be making a virtue out of a necessity, but they are doing it with brio... Such starry-eyed optimism is engaging, but should be treated with caution, particularly given the inexperience of the new administration...”
           While Benedict Brogan in the same paper states;
           "The danger is that an exhausted nation will believe its new leaders, and be sorely disappointed when their brave new world turns out to be a mirage."
           Of course you and I know that these two public school boys will indulge in the same old cuddly up to the rich and powerful, their group, and make the ordinary people pay the price.
           The smiling made up faces of the new kids in town will not make the cuts any easier on us, nor will it do anything for those joining the rising dole queue. We have been to the theatre, we've seen the show, it is now over. Time to go home and face reality and think how to survive the coming onslaught to be delivered by the smiling faces and well manicured hands of those who are immune to such ravages.
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