Thursday, 27 May 2010


        As we keep hearing about “the cuts” we tend to look at the small picture and think how it might affect ourselves, our family or our friends. This of course suits the powers that be, see it as an isolated thing, a blip in the running of a good system. However if we want to do something about it we have to see the bigger picture and realise that this is a European wide crisis, one of a continuing string of crisis in a rotten corrupt unjust system, not a blip.
        Greece gets a lot of publicity and the rest of Europe thinks aren't we lucky, we're not as bad as Greece. They were shady and corrupt, while we are open and honest, bullshit. All of European governments are shady, and corrupt. What is hitting Greece is going to be the pattern throughout Europe. A little nearer home, Ireland has already been devastated. The people of Ireland are facing a return to an age of poverty and deprivation. Tens of thousand of people in that country have been ruined. The cuts that the Irish people have had inflicted on them is equivalent to the UK slashing its budget by £150billion, approximately 25 times more than our suggested £6billion+.
            In Ireland, apart from the thousands who have lost their homes and their jobs, there are those who are now working 7 days a week just to keep a roof over their heads. Spain is circling the drain, with Italy, Latvia and other European countries putting a brave face on things as the sweat starts to appear on our masters' foreheads. This is a European wide affair and it is only if we the ordinary people link up in solidarity with all the other working class people on the continent can we hope to gain anything from this struggle. It is a struggle, a struggle that has been going on since the start of capitalism. The corporate world are united in their defence of their wealth and privileges, they realise it is a class war, they will defend viciously everything they have, while savagely slashing at the standard of living of the ordinary people. We have to make the same decision and accept this as the continuation of the class war, it is the working class that is going to be decimated if that upper class has it way. You can rest assured no matter how severe the cuts, the millionaires and billionaires will still be sitting on top with their private jets. It is a case now of accepting the class war, organising and standing up in solidarity across the continent. Don't ignore what is happening on the streets of Greece, speak to them, support them, learn from them, the deprivation is coming your way, don't wait until the shit hits the fan.

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