Tuesday, 27 December 2011


       The Cameron public school thug will go to any lengths to protect the “City”. He'll avoid any form of legislation that might hurt the financial leeches and prevent them from milking the system for all it is worth. He'll screw Europe and tell them to bugger off. His reasoning, well the “City” accounts for 10% of the total UK income. I wonder what proportion of our national income was produced by our shipyards, heavy and light engineering, steel works, and our coal mines, etc. and what was done to protect them? Well since they have all gone, what ever it was was not enough. Even with that lot gone, the “City” is only 10% of our total national income, what about the other 90%, where is that and what special protection will the Cameron parasite come up with for that. We have to accept that this system is under the total control of the financial parasites that shift their billions and trillions around, black-mailing country after country, making sure that no government has the power to interfere with their money making scams.
We're bankster, we don't obey no stinkin' laws.

        I have previously written about the coup taking place in Europe, first in Greece, where the thin veil of illusion of democracy was removed and a “technocrat” put in to replace the elected Prime Minister. This idea seemed to delight the financial parasites as it was quickly followed by the removal of the elected Prime Minister of Italy, who was replaced by a Goldman Sachs suit. Now a Leham Bros financial whiz kid who helped bankrupt that financial giant, has taken the reins in Spain, replacing the Prime Minister. Across the world country after country is told it has a deficit problem, even although it is one caused by the banks and their parasite billionaire/multimillionaire clients, they are told that the only answer is to get rid of the elected government and replace it with one of the banksters responsible for the problem in the first place. This is to ensure that no matter what happens, the parasite financial Mafia will not lose any of the money the greedily gambled. Leeches, parasites, vampire squids, call them what you will, there will never be a society of fairness and justice until we rid the planet of this plague.

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