Monday, 12 December 2011


         While the UK mainstream media fills its pages and TV time with squabbles over David Cameron's EU veto, we should not lose sight of what the “Euro crisis” means on the ground. The conditions in Greece for the ordinary people are appalling, what is happening there is nothing short of crime against humanity. The criminals in this case are the financial gurus of the bond markets with complete complicity of European national governments. The Greek people are being ground into the dust by “austerity” cut after “austerity” cut, increase taxes, pension cuts and thousands being added to the unemployment army on a daily basis. Ill health, suicides, drug addiction and alcoholism are all on the increase, these are the constant companions of poverty. In the new Greece to be pregnant is now a nightmare unless you belong to that well-heeled group in the upper echelons of the income bracket. Read how it is to be pregnant in modern Greece.
      Of course we should not be under any illusions that we are somehow guaranteed immunity from the Greek treatment, it could and probably will come your way, in the not too distant future. That's capitalism for you.

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  1. Sounds just like the hospitals here in the U$A. Giving birth costs you a pretty large medical bill. When I had lockjaw two years ago my parents received a $500 (not sure what that is in pounds) bill from the shitty hospital I received treatment at. Terrible.

  2. I can never understand why people complain about the UK National Health Service, which is free when needed. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Bowel cancer and every day for six weeks I went for chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then into hospital for the operation. Hours before the operation I took pains in my chest, the operation was cancelled. A week later I was in for a quadruple bye-pass, given eight weeks to recover from that and then back in for the cancer operation. If I had to face the cost of all that I could not have gone through with all the treatment. The only civilised system is treatment free at the time of need. Surely we can afford to treat or citizens without making a profit from their illness.