Saturday, 15 November 2014

European Democracy At Work.

      The Greek police probably rank as the most brutal police force in Europe, a very high percentage are members of Golden Dawn, the Greek right wing fascist group. Immigrants come in for some very brutal treatment from both Golden Dawn and the police, and thousands of immigrants end up in concentration camps dotted about the country. Of course it is not just immigrants that feel the harsh hand of the police, protesters old and young take a very high risk of injury if they take their protests to the streets. This is democratic Europe at work, repression by riot police tooled up like military units.
    Today students in Greece were heading to their university only to find it occupied by riot police, and were met with violent confrontation. The students gather in thousands in the centre of Athens, where they were again met by a massive riot police attack.
     Greece has been the financial Mafia's first stage of the experiment in creating a sweatshop Europe, and obviously the people will not take to this without resistance, and that's where the state's police brutality and repression come in. If they can beat the people of Greece into subservience, then the rest of us can look forward to the sweatshop Europe experiment spreading more rapidly to the rest of us.

     Schools in Greece have been occupied for a week. After today’s student protest, riot police blocked access to the university and attacked the students.
      It’s been some time since we last heard from the Greek movement. But, thanks to the Greek government and its riot police, today became a day of large student demonstrations, clashes with the cops, injuries and rising tension. First, let’s see what happened. Early in the morning, the Athens Law School students arrived at their university in order to carry out their assembly decision, which included a symbolic occupation of their university until the 17th of November — commemoration day of the 1973 student revolt against the military dictatorship.
       The problem was that the school was already occupied by the riot police. The Athenian Universities’ rectors had decided to apply a peculiar “lock out” of------
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