Sunday, 23 November 2014

They Want Your Water And Your NHS.

        There is a lot of campaigning against TTIP, and rightly so, but there is still a lot of confusion among the general public as to what it really is, and what it intends to cover. Basically it covers almost everything in our lives, it is all to the benefit of the corporate world and to the detriment of the ordinary people. That's it in a nutshell, but the detail is more complex.

      One little piece speaks volumes, it intends to take water and health, out of public hands and into private corporate hands, and all this negotiated between governments and corporate bodies, behind closed doors away from the prying eyes of the public.

This from Xpressed:
2. To consolidate the liberalisation of services markets. This is a euphemism that sounds great, but it starts to sound really bad when you go into the details of what is on the negotiating table:
- Privatisation of water supply, in line with both the interests of European and American multinationals [17].
- The Americans have confirmed their intention to negotiate the opening of public health and education services, taking advantage of the privatisation dementia affecting European governments.
Read the full article HERE: 

         How dangerous this TTIP is to you and I is summed up in that one small part in the long and complex set of demands by the corporate world, privatisation of our water and our health service. If agreed, it will make no difference which party you vote in to govern over you, they will be bound by international law to go down the road of private water and private health service. They call it democracy, what would you call it?
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