Sunday, 2 November 2014

Police Controlled Democracy.

         I recently posted about the young protester killed by a police grenade in France on October 26th. Today the protesters are still on the streets in various place across France, protesting the brutal death of this young man, but our babbling brook of bullshit the mainstream media doesn't seen to have noticed. They will of course show rioting, protesting and mass unrest, happening in those far away places, but here in Europe, we have "democracy"!!!! Democracy at the end of police baton, or a riot police shield. In our Western style "democracy" we can now accept that the police are a branch of the military and are armed military style. Here in Scotland there was an attempt to get armed police on the streets on routine duty, all part of the control of the public, in case they start to voice their anger at the total lack of democracy, and the power of the corporate bodies that rule our lives. Policing today is not about law and order, it is all about control of the civilian population, and if that fails, the army will take to the streets, in full fighting kit to put down any threat to the power of the establishment, they've done it before, 1911, two strikers shot and killed in Liverpool, 1919, Glasgow. The "establishment", that body of suits that represents the interests of the corporations, the landed gentry, the aristocracy and the powerful club of millionaires. So a young man/woman being killed on a peaceful protest, is something that will be acceptable to the powers that be, if it protects their pampered position.

A report from Anarchist News:
       (On October 26th, the police in France killed a young demonstrator in Testet, near Toulouse, who was protesting the construction of a dam. This text is a reportback from a march against police brutality in Nantes last night. Nantes is close to Notre-Dame-des-Landes, where the ZAD, Zone à Défendre, is located. The resistance in Testet has also been called a ZAD, and solidarity between the two areas has been very strong.)
In spite of the daily propaganda since Rémi's death and the siege by police, three or four thousand demonstrators heroically gathered (in Nantes) to protest against police violence and the murder of Rémi in Testet. The city is locked down by police with a helicopter above, roadblocks downtown and several checkpoints. A group managed to gather in front of the Nantes prefecture, at the meet-up site.
The gathering is dynamic, young and aggressive. It sets off, shouting,
“The police kill, Nantes stand up!”
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