Thursday, 13 November 2014

Police Brutality, Solidarity Is Our Weapon.

 Israeli police pepper spray an arrested injured man.

       Police brutality is everywhere, they are the first line of defence that the state uses to repress attempts to change the system. That is if we ignore the education system, where teachers are the soft police, the real first line of their defence, when that fails, the hard police come in to play. From America, where an Afro-American is killed every 28 hours by a white policeman, to regular incidents across Europe where heavy handed police tactics result in the death of an individual, then there is South Africa, where miners were gunned down en-mass, and Mexico where, recently, 43 students and teachers were abducted and murdered. In this country our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, always report such events here as an anomaly an unusual event. However, in this country, close to 900 people have died during or following contact with the police since 2004, yet as far as I am aware, not one single police officer has been convicted since 1969.

       Often these deaths are followed by protests, as in Ferguson, in America, and the ongoing protests in Mexico over the disappearance of the 43, and the present protests across France after the death of Remi Raisse from a police stun grenade. However solidarity across borders would have greater effect, the problem is universal, the response should be universal, it is the same system that is killing our people.

 Turkish police rush forward for an opportunity to boot a man on the ground.

       On November 11th, 2014, anarchists symbolically occupied the offices of the AFP (Agence France-Presse) in the affluent neighbourhood of Kolonaki, central Athens, to protest the police murder of Rémi Raisse in the ZAD of Testet, France. Comrades handed out leaflets in Greek and French, reading: “From France to Greece, let us transform the foci of resistance into a signal of rebellion towards the oppressed of the whole earth. Solidarity is our weapon.”
Age is no protection from police brutality.
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