Friday, 2 June 2017

And The Lord Said---!

      As those who know me will be well aware, I am not a God fan, I have no time for those supposedly grown ups, who have an invisible friend in the sky, who they talk to, and they say talks back to them. However, I think this particular "Lord" hit it on the head away back in 1906.
[The Lord says:] The time will come when the poor man will say that he has nothing to eat and work will be shut down . . . That is going to cause the  poor man to go to these places and break in to get food. This will cause the rich man to come out with his gun to make war with the labouring man. . . . blood will be in the streets like an outpouring rain from heaven.
A prophecy from the 1906 ‘Azusa Street Awakening
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  1. God is one of the most powerful and destructive tools ever invented by the ruling elite to dominate and enslave people. How can we destroy this "tool"? The answer is simple: eliminating social classes.