Monday, 5 June 2017

Drowning In A Sea Of Propaganda.

        As the UK theatre of lies, our so called "general election", trundles on, trying to get you to support one illusion or the other, we should take note that we swim in a sea of propaganda. The party machines and the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, weave the smoke and mirrors of fake news, lies, propaganda, speculation and supposition, with truth lying somewhere in the sludge well below the surface. We live in a world created and manipulated by propaganda, spewed out by powerful factions and big business with vested interests against the interests of the ordinary people. Any idea of democracy in  a society where the truth is absent is an illusion, those who produce the propaganda do so to keep that illusion alive. Question everything, accept that the interests of the corporate world and the power mongers, and that of the ordinary people are diametrically opposed, incompatible, propaganda is there to make you believe the opposite.
      My friend and comrade Bob at City Strolls, explains in more detail how the insidious fog of propaganda shapes our world.

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