Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ignore Their Poisonous Patriotism.

        I think everybody agrees that the world we live in has changed dramatically over the last ten years or so. What seemed stable now looks unstable, systems that were said, would bring peace and prosperity to everybody, are now showing their inherent flaws, and divisions are widening. The populace are aware of the glaring inequality that has rapidly widened, with the rich and powerful becoming richer and more powerful, while they the ordinary people slide further down the slippery slope to poverty and deprivation. The power mongers are worried that this awareness will lead to them losing control, and they are snarling at each other with greater viciousness and ferocity, smouldering wars are warming up, barriers are rising between the rich and powerful factions. Nationalism is their chosen weapon to rally the population to support them against the "evil and dangerous" other, to help them gain control and protect their own little empire. The system of globalisation is breaking down, and like a wounded beast, that is when it is at its most dangerous. The lines of old empires are being redrawn, the battle lines are being laid down, and the blood of our children will be expected to defend them, as of empires before. We must never again allow our children's blood to be the cement of their greed driven system of exploitation for wealth and power.
       We must see this world without borders, one world, one people, as the economic system that has dominated our lives starts to unravel, it must be seen as an opportunity to refocus, rethink the direction we want the new world to take. We must refuse to fall for their divisive strategies, ignore their nationalism and poisonous patriotism. Unity between all people is the only rational answer to our problems, we have nothing to gain by hating our neighbours. As the system of economic greed and and insanity crumbles, let's do what we can to hasten its final destruction by co-operation, unity and solidarity between all the ordinary people of this tiny planet.

      Wherever you look the “patriot” card is being played more often. Whether it is in the brash version of Trump’s “America First”, or the authoritarian menace of Erdogan and Putin, the game is essentially the same. The aim is to divert attention from the real crisis onto the “other”, the foreigner. The politics of prejudice have always been part of the capitalist game but now the situation is more desperate. Finding a scapegoat is a lot easier than solving the real economic problem.
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  1. Finally, all flags means the same: Danger!