Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Parallel Worlds.

        We live on a planet which has several worlds, the biggest world is the one where the vast majority of the population live. That's the world that produces all the wealth of the planet, but its people live in perpetual struggle, poverty, deprivation and endless wars. Then there is the world of lies and illusion, fashioned by propaganda, manufactured by smoke and mirrors, to shape the minds of the people, in an attempt to create a submissive and subservient populace. Behind that there is the world of a small number of parasites, that takes place in the grand corridors of power, behind closed doors, away from the prying eyes of the public. A world where events are planned to control all that wealth created by the first world. Where plans are made to plunge the people of a country into death and destruction, where the death of millions is callously seen as inevitable to their plans, where the displacement of millions is registered as collateral damage, in their aim to control, enhance or protect the earth's natural resources from a competing cabal of parasites.
       This is the reality of planet Earth, a small globe that could be a paradise for all, a sphere rich in natural resources and potential, that is being plundered and raped for the benefit a handful of power hungry, greed driven parasites, under the banner of capitalism. We have to look behind the smoke and mirrors, see through the fog of illusion, dismantle the propaganda, and destroy this cancer before it destroys us all.  Thanks Loam for the link.

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  1. More than the truth itself, the important thing is to know how, when and why they hide it from us.