Saturday, 6 January 2018

What Is Class?

     A common call from the left is for class war, then there is those rightwing academics who claim class is dead, an outdated phrase an old way of looking at society. Yes society has changed, capitalism has developed, but class is still the defining structure of the capitalist system. It is a them and us, you belong in one class or the other, no matter the illusions created by the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, and other corporate and government mouthpieces. It is beneficial to the capitalist system if it can create the charade, that, "we are all in this together", it is just a matter of working hard and everything will be OK, total bullshit. The harder you work the stronger the system gets and the richer the bosses become. Hard work does not move you out of your class, chicanery, fraud, exploiting your neighbours, might, but working hard, never. My father was a miner all his life, I have never come across anyone who worked harder, we never became a rich family, nor did we, as a family, leave or class, we struggled all our lives and are still in the same class.
What is Class?

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  1. A very good video. The image of the cemeteries of war summarizes, although in a tragic way, what the social classes consist of. The opulence of the rich is built on the pain, misery and death of the poor. The world is in need of a committed social conscience.
    Thanks once more for sharing, comrade.