Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Glasgow Events.

         Some interesting events coming up in the next few days, a chance to show solidarity, learn about anti-fascists, and have a right good sing-song, if you are in or around the Glasgow area:

Fuck Off Tory Cunts Court Case
Thursday, 11/1/18
Glasgow Sheriff Court

        David McHarg is on trial for displaying a 'Fuck off you Tory cunts' poster on his window. Class War Scotland has called for a solidarity demonstration outside Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Anarchist Federation Film Showing: The Anti-Fascists
Thursday, 11/1/18
Glasgow Autonomous Space, 53 Kilbirnie Street

        In 2014, left-wing activists and a group of neo-nazis clashed in the immigrant quarter of the Swedish town of Malmö, leaving several wounded and one anti-fascist - Showan Shattack - nearly dead. That same year, a violent gang of Fascists attacked an anti-Racist demonstration in Stockholm. A fight broke out between them and the few members of Anti-Fascist Action, which left one Fascist wounded, and one anti-fascist in jail. In this context, a documentary crew set out examining the history and activities of the Swedish anti-fascist movement, and its connections to the same one in Greece. Its successes and failures have lessons for all of us.
        Join us for tea and biscuits at GAS (we'll heat the upstairs room up ahead of time :-)) and we'll watch the film and chat about it informally afterwards. Free, all welcome, donations accepted.

Red and Black Song Club
Wednesday, 17/1/18
Glasgow Autonomous Space, 53 Kilbirnie Street
7-9pm No experience necessary, just a desire to join with others in letting you dulcet tones have freedom.

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  1. Go Glasgow go! Our solidarity from Spain.