Friday, 26 January 2018

Trees Or Tarmac And The Power Of Resistance.

        The only way to stop the capitalist system from turning the planet into a tarmac ball is to resit it at every turn. When money is the driving force all other values sink into the swamp of greed, If tarmac and concrete can create more wealth and power for those who already control most of the wealth on the planet, then that is what you will get, more treeless landscapes, more high-rise real estate. Their greed sustains them, and they are blinded by their own illusions of greatness, they fail to see that they are the creators of their own destruction, as well as that of humanity.
      It might seem a daunting task to stop the capitalist juggernaut of greed, but resistance is growing, along with determination. More and more people see the looming disaster, the glaring inequality, the savage injustice of the system, and are venting their anger and joining in the that resistance. We can all play our part, by joining and/or supporting the resistance wherever it appears, or creating our own pressure point on the system. 

      An on going struggle of resistance that is coming under ever increasing pressure is the struggle to save the Hambach forest. The brutish forces of the state are increasing their attempts at eviction, they can only be defeated by solidarity and increased support for the resistance.
   This call for support from Contra Info:
9 activists in pre-trial detention, after being arrested during a barricade-eviction in the occupied Hambach Forest, Germany.
        The activists are accused of ‘obstructing the work of police officers’, during the barricade eviction on Monday the 22. of January.
Arriving early in the morning, the cops were met with activists occupying blockading-infrastructure, including 2 tripods, 3 monopods, a skypod, and a 3 meter deep tunnel.
         The cutting of the Hambacher Forest was officially stopped early this season, on a court-decision, postponing cutting until October 1st 2018, however the risk of eviction of the occupation is as great as ever.
        The ‘Hambi 9’ would love to get mail! Exact information, including adresses and languages, can be found on the blog of ABC Rhineland.

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