Sunday, 30 December 2018

"Nation States are population containment zones for global capital use."

       It is obvious to anyone with at least two brain cells, that this world is very ill divided. The millions of ordinary people who labour day after day producing all the wealth on the planet, receive no more than the crumbs. While a small band of financial manipulators, peel of vast amounts of wealth which is used to buy up assets, assets that are essential to the survival of that vast army of labouring millions, such as water, electricity, food production and distribution, housing, health care, and anything else that can increase their wealth and power over the population. Of course they could not do this without the co-operation of the various governments of nation states, who do their bidding and clear the way for that small cabal of rich and powerful to plunder the planet.
       This stage of capitalism is not just a tragedy for those millions of ordinary people, but for all of us as we head at ever increasing speed towards a human catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, it is also speeding up the inevitable extinction of the human race by the plundering the Earth's resources, and the destruction of the entire environment. Just a glance at the workings of modern capitalism tells you its trajectory, but it is always illuminating to have it all explained and confirmed by authorities in the field.
          This from Real News, thanks Loam for the link.

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