Sunday, 30 December 2018

Our Short Escape.

       Hi all, back from our wee break, what a wonderful week it was, the place was a walker's paradise. We stayed at a small village called Dunure, the cottage was right on the beach, and the weather was very kind to us, extremely mild for Scotland at this time of year. Each day we walked part of the coastal walk. My daughter and family arrive for a couple of days as well as Stasia's sister, all keen walkers. The weather was so mild we sat outside the cottage after 10pm at night and had the most wonderful and ridiculous discussions, with the waves as background noise. On Friday, our last day friends Roger and Keith arrive for the day, adding to what was a already a fantastic holiday.
      Of course while we strolled around steeped in a mixture of pleasure and tranquility, the world still rolled on with all its problems, injustices, wars, poverty and deprivation. These little escapes belie the truth of our world today. Something we can never turn our backs on for long.
A few photos from Dunure.

Dunure Castle ruins, not where the peasants lived.

       Some views from the front of the cottage.

     View from a cliff part of the coastal walk.

     Sunrise view of the Isle of Arran from the front of the cottage.

       The morning we were leaving the sea took an angry turn,(I say sea, but it is really the Firth of Clyde.) I like to think it was because we were leaving.

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