Sunday, 16 December 2018

Sanctioned, A Vindictive Act Of Intimidation.

    I always find it amazing we accept how certain words used quite liberally in this society never convey their true meaning. Words like "austerity", it can be spoken by what seems a calm unemotional fashion, concealing its real life meaning. To those who spout it most, it means being careful with money, balancing the books, being prudent. When in actual fact, in this society, it means misery, low wages, cuts in social services, deteriorating health service and education system, and much more in the way of misery for vast swaths of ordinary people.
      Another word that can be used in a seeming innocuous manner is "sanctioned". Again our political ballerinas use this word in civilised tones as if they were oblivious to its true meaning. Its true meaning being, increased poverty, deprivation, stress, homelessness, mental health problems, family break-ups, suicides and more. Not a word that should be banded about with emotionless calm.
     "Sanctioning" someone who is on benefit is a sadistic, savage, callous act of vindictive brutality, meant to intimidate and bludgeon the poor in our society, into submissiveness. All caring and civilised people in this country should be up in arms at the very idea of such a vicious, life threatening act based on "upper class" ideology that see the poor as a group that need to be punished for their poverty.
       How long will we accept the cruelty that flows freely from this ideology of the wealthy ruling cabal of parasites, an ideology that thinks in terms of rewarding the rich and punishing the poor. How long will we accept such words as "austerity and sanctions" being used with calm politeness before we take to the streets to vent our anger and disgust with this system of hypocrisy and avoidable injustice and inequality?
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