Monday, 30 September 2019

Borders Mean Deaths.

        Everybody by now should be aware that migrants are the scapegoats of the world, a group of individuals and families that are stripped of all human rights and herded like cattle. All this to uphold the states demand for those imaginary lines on the map, borders. Quite often the worst cases of migrants mistreatment seldom reach our mainstream media, as the media doesn't want to upset their various partners, their particular state.

 An Afghan woman outside her "home" on Lesbos.

        One hell-hole where migrants are herded is the island of Lesbos, on this small beautiful spot is one of the many "refugee" camps, proper name would be concentration camps. In this camp built to poorly house 3,000 migrants are crammed 12,000 migrants, mainly those fleeing Afghanistan's many brutal dangers. Such conditions foster psychological and physical health problems fueled by desperation.
      In the early hours of Sunday morning in an act of desperation to try to further there demands to be transferred to better conditions on the mainland, migrants lit a fire in an olive grove outside the camp and one inside the camp and struggles with the police ensued. The result is one person dead, burnt to death, and later it was confirmed that a mother and child had died. 
       No matter how this is written up, the truth is that these deaths can be firmly laid at the feet of those who deem it is alright to cram 12,000 desperate fleeing people into a space not fit for 3,000. 12,000 migrants is the wrong term, it is 12,000 human beings, who for no reason of their own are relabeled stripped of all human rights and treated worse than wild animals. 
      Despite the plight of migrants when they reach Europe, conditions are such that thousands still try to flee their homeland because of destruction, death and abject deprivation, usually brought about by Western foreign policy. According to the Greek coastguard, on Sunday, a baby and a toddler were among seven people who died when a boat carrying migrants and refugees sank in the eastern Aegean Sea. Such desperation not only deserves, but demands compassion and support. However the state's insistence on borders will only prolong this human tragedy.

A human cry for help.
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