Thursday, 19 September 2019

Where Will It All End?


        Where will it all end, assuming that we manage to stop the total destruction of our eco-systems in time. Artificial intelligence, wars carried out from the office monitor, genetic modification, policing by cameras and computers, a world where we have no control, it is all sorted out for us by scientists and computer experts, whose aims are linked to the demands of the capitalist economy/war machine and would aim to shape our desires in that direction. Obviously it will not be stopped by those involved and pushing for every greater advances in these fields, those who stand to gain most from this new hi-tec world. We become its pawns or we resist, subservience is surrender, it is handing your future and your grandchildren's future into the hands of the technocrats. We are still humans with a host of natural and human desires, there are ongoing plans to shape those human desires to suit the system, our aim must be to shape the system to suit those human desires.


 From 7am to 2pm – Milano Congressi – Via Gattamelata 5
Trans-humanism is already here
         Trans-humanism is not some eccentric researchers’ marginal tendency or a side effect of technological development; it is the logical outcome of the techno-scientific system.
        The slogan of the meeting is: ‘Plan the future. Build the future. Be the future’. A future which is already becoming present. The logics of trans-humanism – overcoming all limits, making man better and more powerful, re-planning the living and making it artificial – are not mere abstract speculations, but they become researches, trans-genetic dreams, military drones, new apparatuses in smart cities, Medically Assisted Procreation and genetic editing.
Trans-humanism and the techno-scientific system produce imaginaries, desires, needs, they transform the world and our perception of reality.
       The most prominent world directors and researchers come from Singularity University, one of the most important expressions of trans-humanism; some of them go on to join the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), one of the most important research universities in the world, DARPA, a USA Defence Department government agency for the development of new technologies, Google, Microsoft, to mention only a few…Among the major financiers of Singularity University are companies such as Google, certainly known for information technology but less known for its investments in genetic research.
        Precisely in this convergence of high level sectors and research, a bunch of scientists, entrepreneurs, military men and politicians find their meeting point.
We don’t want to be machine men in a machine world!
Spazio di documentazione La Piralide
Collettivo Resistenze al Nanomondo –
Translated by act for freedom now!
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