Saturday, 21 September 2019

Glasgow Climate Emergency Protest, 2019.

        Yesterday, Friday 20th. across the world people took to the streets in their millions, with one voice, "Stop The Destruction Of The Planet", Glasgow was no exception. I have always considered that the climate emergency call was necessary and urgent, their righteous anger too subdued and their target was wrong, they were aiming their anger at governments, asking them to legislate to make capitalism "green". Capitalism is the real reason the planet is burning and it is that system that has to be attacked and destroyed. What was encouraging, at least with the Glasgow protest, is the fact that, that message has started to appear in a greater number of banners and leaflets. The message is getting home, capitalism in conjunction with governments are the fire-raisers, and the reason the planet is burning.
Glasgow Video:

Some Photos From Glasgow Protest:

A leaflet from The Protest:


           The earth is burning, and we know who is responsible for this disaster, but it is pointless to ask the fire-raisers to be more careful with their matches. They live for and by their fire-raising activities, and gain immensely from their actions with their matches. It allows them to sail in multi-million pound yachts, buy tropical islands for their own selfish pleasure and gives them tremendous power over the rest of us, not something they will give up without a fight.
        Capitalism and states work hand in hand at this fire-raising, apart from the industrial pollution, they spawn wars, a major cause of world pollution and therefore climate change. So we have to attack the root cause of this human disaster. Appealing to them to modify their behaviour, may result in smaller fires here and there, but the earth will still burn, their ethos is continuous growth, an impossibility.
        Green capitalism is still going to extract ever more resources from the finite supply on earth, it will not end wars, leading to eventual environmental disaster of one sort or another. It is only the destruction of capitalism that we may stop this impending disaster 
capitalism is the enemy

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