Saturday, 14 September 2019

Glasgow's Workers City.

        A wee reminder, just a couple of days to go before the, not to be missed, Spirit of Revolt's FREE event, Show and Tell, Workers City, at the Mitchell Library. Workers City was a series of events that took place in Glasgow 1989-1991, organised by writers, artists, poets, activists and a melody of other Glaswegian stalwarts. It was a counter to the events being organised by Glasgow City Council during Glasgow's European City of Culture year. Some of those present for this open discussion were involved in organising the Workers City event, and it should prove to be both informative and entertaining.
        On display at the event, for your perusal before the open discussion starts will be a selection of material from he Spirit of Revolt Archive, relating to those events during Workers City. Come along look, listen, contribute, enjoy and learn a little bit more about the grassroots history of your city.

Free event.
Spirit of Revolt,
Workers City,
Blythswood Room
Mitchell Library,

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