Sunday, 29 May 2011


       A government department has issued what it calls the silliest excuse put forward by people caught cheating on benefit claims. All in an attempt to ridicule and shame those who try to fiddle the benefit system. Hoping to alienate them and scapegoat them as an excuse to introduce draconian measures against anybody who relies on benefit to survive. They have to be held up to ridicule and prosecuted for doing what a vast number of MPs have done and in some cases are still doing. In the case of the MPs all they have to say is that they were not involved in any wrong doing. They may be asked to pay it back or receive a slap on the wrist. Out of 600 odd MPS and about the same number in the Lords and a year or more of scandalous revelations of widespread fiddling, only about 6 have gone to court. One Lord how did end up in court stated, it wasn't an expense system as such, but more of an allowance system to top up their income, and he was doing nothing wrong as they were all doing the same. I hope the Met. were listening to that.

     We are told that benefit cheats cost the tax payer approximately £1.6 billion, shock, horror, that's about as much as the government is expected to spend destroying Libya over a 6 month period. It fades into insignificances when compared to Vodafone's £6 billion tax fiddle, then there is Philip Green with his nice little arrangement of having his wife as owner of BHS Group, claiming she is a resident of Monaco, so doesn't pay UK tax on the company's profits. Most of the big companies avoid paying there fair share of tax by what can only be described as phony overseas offices and other tax avoidance fiddles. However no government department sets out to ridicule and shame them, even although sorting that little lot out would put hundreds of billions into the tax revenue of this country. It seems that the powers that be want a monopoly on fiddling for their own class, and have no intentions of allowing to spread down to us minions.

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