Thursday, 12 May 2011


       Imagine you are in a well paid job and you fiddle the expenses to the tune of a five figure sum and are caught out. There is an enquiry and it finds that you were, “guilty of a series of serious breaches of the rules, over a considerable time.” What do you think your employer would do? Fire you? Hand the info to the police? Well either or both probably, that is unless your an MP.

      It seems that Libdem MP, David Laws, former Chief Secretary to The Treasury did that wee fiddle to the tune of £50,000 or there abouts, and was found out. There was the usual investigation by the Commons standards watchdog, who eventually came out with the statement that Mr Laws had been, “Guilty of a series of serious breaches of the rules, over a considerable time.” The sack? The cops? Well no, you see he is an MP and the rules are different for them, it is suggested that he be suspended from the House of Commons for 7 days, WOW, that'll make him think twice about any future fiddles.

      Why do we put up with such crap, at a time when the public school thugs sitting the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption are slashing at the very fabric of the social structure of our society? When we the public, who pay for their every whim, are seeing our standard of living being decimated, this little cabal of millionaires keep a rule book that sees them as very special people, immune to the normal rule of fairness and justice.
It's oor money they're fiddlin', thow them oot.

        It's our money, we pay them, if they fiddle, at least throw them out, even if the do decide to pay it back after they're caught. A fiddle, is a fiddle, is a fiddle, and the perpetrator is a fiddler.
What you lookin' at? I'm an MP!!

       Of course you and I know that we will not stop the old boys network that exists in the system of party political politics. It is the system that stinks, not just the players. We have to scrap this illusion of democracy and put the power in the hands of the people. A non hierarchical grass-roots system freed from the profit motive and the stranglehold of the corporate world. A system free from privileged parasites and based on needs, mutual aid and co-operation. We can do things by ourselves, why bother with arrogant, self-centred, power hungry parasites that claim to be doing it all for our good, BULLSHIT.

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