Saturday, 28 May 2011


      With all the hooray, back-slapping and triumphalism of Obama's visit to this country so soon after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden gives the impression that we all agree with this action, a state action that defies the rule of law. It makes his statement that America and Britain have, “the ability to lead the world not by force but by example” all the more hypocritical. When has Britain or America lead the world by the rule of law, both countries have bombed and blasted innumerable countries into submissive arrangements, all "just wars" of course.
      We should read his patronising statement as no more than simply a bit of UK public ego stroking, what he really meant was that America will lead the world. Of course he doesn't consult with the world as to whether it wants to be lead by America or any other nation for that matter. It is the same old macho Americanism, the OK Corral culture still prevails, dressed up in modern clothes but just as selfish and just brutal.
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