Wednesday, 11 May 2011


       May 17 marks the 362 annversary of what has become know as Levellers Day. The Levellers were a radical political movement from the period of the English civil war, who believed in  democracy, religious freedom and civil rights. At first the Levellers saw Cromwell as some sort of liberator but soon found themselves on his wrong side and saw him as a dictator and fought on the side of parliament against Cromwell. Just as they were determined to fight against Cromwell, he was just as determined to crush them. In 1649 over 300 Levellers were captured by Cromwell's troops and lock up in Burford Church. On May 17 of that year 3 Levelers were taken out to the church yard and executed as the ring leaders.
      State power is still at it, from across the world we hear of ordinary people being imprisoned and/or executed for their beliefs and sometimes killed while on the street seeking those freedoms. From the Levellers and before up to today, the struggle still goes on, the desire to be free and to see others enjoy that same freedom has cost the ordinary people dear, but they are never intimdated for long. I have no doubt as the various states feel threatened by that desire for freedom, more people will suffer at the hands of the state, but I have also no doubt the the voice of the people for freedom will only get louder and will eventually triumph. 
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