Thursday, 5 May 2011


        Today is the day, the day when our political masters, masters of illusion, hypocrisy and corruption, sit in anticipation of taking their place in the corridors of power. Will it be their chance to stick their snouts in the trough, to sort out their golden handshakes and lavish pensions. It all depends on you, you have to show you have been duped by their empty promise, their phony smiles, you have to believe that the crooks and liars, are not crooks and liars. Yes, it is the Scottish elections, theatre time. They have all put on their best show, though to those who have been around for a while it is probably the most boring show in town. They have grasped strangers hands, kissed babies and turned up at hundreds of photo opportunities. They have mouthed their party's mantra and spat venom at the others on stage. Soon the new cabal will reap the benefits of their acting career, the others will just have to do with playing second fiddle. However, for you and I, nothing will change, we go through this ritual farce every four or five years, all to the benefit of some politicians and to the detriment of others. We on the other hand will just have to keep on struggling with our daily lives. Struggling against the decisions made by those, the mislead or foolish have voted on to that gravy train. We the non-voters are not apathetic, we just know your are crooks and liars.

    There is a better way to shape our society and it does not involve abdicating our power to a bunch of self-seeking power mongers. It is all about organising our lives round the desires of the community and working in federation with all other communities. It entails basing our society on mutual aid, co-operation, voluntary association and sustainability. It means abandoning the profit motive and keeping the decision making in the hands of the people. We don't need leaders, presidents, or prime ministers, their past record is one of corruption, war, deprivation, greed and self aggrandisement. Let's take control of our own lives and send the party political system and its bed companion capitalism to the dustbin of history.
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