Friday, 6 January 2012


         Omar Ibrahim was given an eighteen months prison sentence for throwing a joke-shop smoke bomb at a protest, but although banged up, he is still trying to do what we all should be able to do, let our voice be heard. His blog, banged up for protesting, written from Wandsworth Prison is always worth a read.

        This article was submitted to national prison magazine Not Shut Up. The editor approved it for print but the Head of Education at HMP Wandsworth blocked its final publication.

      The winter is closing in but still the Arab Spring bursts through the concrete like some unstoppable rose, spreading seeds across the globe. Over there, across the Mediterranean, Syrian and Egyptian resistance reintensifies in the face of relentless oppression and tyranny. These are obvious police states that slaughter their citizenry with the contempt and brutality that only a state can wield. Russia has not had bloodshed from its police state but there are mass arrests and a sincere mistrust of the questionably elected Putin regime. I wonder how our system compares.
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